Atra-Flex Flexible Couplings – Leaders in Design Technology offering quick, low-cost solutions for rotating equipment, misalignment, end float and vibrational troubles in the Power Transmission Industry.

Fractional and sub-fractional gear motors, inline, right Angle, AC & DC and variable speed controls. Bison Gear

Carlson Company – A leading USA manufacturer of clutches, brakes, torque limiters and power transmission products for industrial & oilfield applications.

Mechanical Actuators (Acme Screw & Ball Screw), Electro-Mechanical Actuators, Super Cylinders, Rotary Unions and Acme Screw & Ball Screws and Nuts.

Overrunning clutches, centrifugal clutches, drive train clutches for outdoor power equipment, Elevator brakes – Hilliard Corporation

Linear Shafting, Support Rails, Ball Bearings, Plain Bearings for Linear Guides and Rails.

Cast iron sheaves, bushings, and v-belts. MasterDrive

Made to Print Parts and Assemblies as well as Standard Components: gears, pulleys, racks, worms, bearings, couplings, etc…

standard lock nut

Standard Locknut manufactures a full line of standard and customized bearing retaining accessories. All the products are manufactured to ABMA, SAE and ABEC standards as well as complying to ISO, TS and AS Quality systems. Standard Locknut’s accessories include adapter sleeves, locknuts, lock-washers, lock-plates, removable sleeves, and removal nuts as well as many customized variations. Standard Locknut has been a leader in supplying the highest quality pillow blocks for over 60 years. With thousands of deliveries each year to users all over the world, we continue to maintain a steady performance on our pillow block housings. Ranging in size from 511 to 056, we provide standard as well as customized pillow blocks to the mining, oil, paper, steel, and heavy-duty industries.