ATRA-FLEX ® Melonite Process Option Provides Customers with a Significant Cost Savings Alternative to Stainless Steel

  • Increased surface hardness of carbon steel up to 57.6 RC
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Enhanced surface lubricity
  • Improved running wear performance
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for marine applications

ATRA-FLEX® is proud to Offer MP. The MP stands for Melonite Process. This process is available as an option with our complete coupling line to provide corrosion and wear resistance. This process has been proven in the field to prevent corrosion caused from applications in wet or chemical environments as well as wear and fretting due to misalignment and vibration. It is a low-cost alternative to stainless steel suitable for marine applications. Melonite is a thermochemical treatment for improving surface properties of metal parts. It exhibits predictable and repeatable results in the treating of carbon steels resulting in superior corrosion and wear properties as well as increasing rotating fatigue strength. During the process, which takes place between 900and 1075F, the metal surface is enriched with nitrogen and carbon. A two-part nitride layer consisting of a monophasic compound layer and diffusion layer is formed. Total depth ranges from .008-.040”. Hardness in the compound layer is increased to an average of 57.6 Rockwell C. The process creates a matte black finish that unlike black oxide will never wear off.