Bison Gear

Bison Gear – Fractional and sub-fractional gear motors, inline, right angle, AC & DC and variable speed controls

DriveRite line of Industrial V-Belts including Wrapped Belts. Superior Quality and Competitive Pricing.

UHMW Plastic machined parts, profile extrusions, stock shapes, Garland’s Gar-Dur® UHMW Polymer better wear capabilities and longer life.


Hilliard Corporation – Overrunning clutches, centrifugal clutches, drive train clutches for outdoor power equipment, elevator brake

Master Drive

MasterDrive – Manufacturers of cast iron sheaves, HTD timing pulleys, bushings and hubs, couplings, v-belts & belt accessories


Nordex – Made to print parts and assemblies as well as standard components: gears, pulleys, racks, worms, bearings, couplings, etc.

Promac stocks the most popular chain types and sizes of Engineered Class Chain with and without attachments. Including Roller Conveyor, Welded Steel Mill, Welded Steel Drag, Steel Bushed, Cast Combination, Drop Forged Rivetless, Caterpillar Drive, Drive, Double Flex, Pintle, Barloop, and many Specialty Chains.

High-Quality Locking Collars, Mounted Bearings, Agricultural Chain, Engineering Class Chain, Roller Chain, and Couplings. Corrosion-resistant Bearings, Chain and Collars.

Rossi Group – Helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors, planetary, worm and coaxial gear reducers and gearmotors, precision servo gearmotors for automation purposes.

Ryle Manufacturing – Custom and Oilfield Equipment Sprockets and Custom Sprocket Engineeing