Control Techniques Unidrive M AC Drives

Unidrive M AC Drive is designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within industry. Unidrive M is evolving the future of the automation industry with the latest drive technology which includes over 21 patents granted and 42 patents pending.

Unidrive M200 AC Drive (Left)

  • 0.25 kW – 132 kW Heavy Duty (0.33 hp – 179 hp)
  • 100 V / 200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Being tied into one system can be restrictive. It can leave you trapped with one supplier even when there’s a better option available on the market. We provide a viable alternative.

Freedom to connect

Unidrive M200 connects with many of the common fieldbuses using the modular ‘SI’ interface port. It can communicate with SI-Ethernet, SI-EtherCAT, SI-PROFINET, SI-PROFIBUS, SI-CANopen and SI-DeviceNet. The AI-485 Adaptor option can also connect to RS485 networks using Modbus RTU.

The RFC-A mode means you’ll benefit from consistent running speeds, at current loop rates as low as 125μs. The inclusion of an onboard PLC gives more control, at no extra cost. Additionally, the Unidrive M200 provides the most convenient upgrade path for Commander SK users.

As with all Unidrive M General Purpose drives, fit for purpose is our key priority. That means they are easy to install and built to last.