Glide-Line Vertical Transport Unit Solutions

Glide-Line builds basic Vertical Transport Units, but that’s just the start. Our standard VTUs are highly customizable to fit your exact specifications – offering much more than a typical two-position, up/down arrangement. Multiple positions, multiple decks, independent axes, and more – if it involves vertical movement, we have you covered. Introducing our totally configurable, precision VTUs all designed to reduce overall conveyor system floor space.

Tilting Deck Vertical Transfer Unit (Left)

Tilt-deck-VTU-with-deck-tiltedAllows for vertical transfer of product as well as tilting the conveyor deck up to 30° to allow for flexible access to the product being transported.

A standard Vertical Transfer Unit with the addition of a tilting transport deck conveyor
Provides the ability to tilt the product towards a robot or operator for improved access to the product.

Tilt feature is controlled by the VTU servo/motor which allows for the transport deck conveyor to tilt up to 30°. Deck is hinged on one side and loose on the other, allowing different Z-axis movements to provide various tilting angles


  • Step-servo control of the z-axis allows maximum tilting flexibility.
  • Various sizes, angles and access points are all possible