MasterDrive Weld-on Hubs

Weld-On Hubs are available in 3 styles to suit the user’s preference for bushing mounting types. They are stocked for use with:

  • TB Bushings
  • QD Bushings
  • DST Bushings
  • Weld-On Hubs

All MasterDrive Weld-On Hubs are machined from steel.

Weld-On Hubs are commonly used with plate type sprockets and conveyor pulleys to provide for more shaft engagement.

Are manufactured to accept Taper Lock Bushings. Two styles are available. Type S and Type W. Type S provides for a shorter length through the bore, and Type W a more defined registration flange to assist with positioning and concentricity for welding.

Are manufactured to accept a QD style flanged bushing.

Accepts DST-Double Split Taper style bushings.

These bushings are keyed to both the shaft and hub. The external key provides positive drive with no torque on the cap screws. DST bushings allow for the highest torque carrying capability.