Murrplastik Specialty Conduits and Fittings

We have developed the cable protection conduit and fitting systems specially to protect cables, wires and conduits from external influences. Cable protection conduits, fitting systems and accessories are made to match each other, thereby ensuring a fast and trouble free assembly. There are various types of conduits and fittings to suit a broad range of different applications. That means that you’ll find an appropriate conduit from us for almost any application.

Murrflex cable protection conduits

Cable protection conduits in various variants and materials. Lines can be protected or bundled here.

Conduit connection / bulkhead fitting

Conduit connections for safe and quick installation of cable protection conduits. Various types with various protection classes for use in a variety of applications.

Cable protection conduit holders

Various holding systems for fitting cable protection conduits. Individual holders or a stackable system are available.

Protectors / conduit couplings / conduit distributors

The distribution systems allow for orderly laying and branching of cable looms. Various types with various protection classes.

The protectors protect cable protection conduits against impact and abrasion. The service lives of the conduits are thus significantly increased.