Standard Miether Bearing Protector Seals

A misapplied seal can actually diminish bearing life, leading to premature equipment failure and costly repairs. Applied properly, a bearing seal will extend bearing life and save money by reducing downtime and maximizing uptime. Bearing seals range from a simple seal ring (LER) design to both advanced-contacting and non-contacting type sealing arrangements.

A proper seal will surround the shaft, retain lubricant internal to the bearing assembly, and exclude foreign debris from the housing.

Miether provides a variety of seals to accommodate the split pillow block SAF series, solid pillow block MMW series, and flange cartridge block FCL/FCS series housings. They are available in fractional and metric dimensions, and can be customized for special applications. Materials of construction for hard parts are typically steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Soft parts are made from Buna N and Viton.

Nomenclature for these products are as follows (starting with the highest performance):

The Protector® is an engineered steel design featuring precision double-wound stainless steel laminar rings for ultimate protection against contaminates, abrasives, and moisture.taconite seal ring, protector seal, bearing seal ring

  • Staggered laminar rings do not rub or damage the shaft surface
  • No components to wear or replace
  • No additional lubrication required after initial assembly/installation
  • Available in low speed (<2000ft/min) or high speed (>2000ft/min) designs
  • Sizes 2-1/2” to 10” standard
  • Custom designs and sizes available