Accu Tech USA Unimotion Ballscrew Driven Linear Actuators

Unimotion Ballscrew Driven Linear Unit series are assembled with a precision Ballscrew, integrated guide rail under compact dimensions. They provide high performance standards, such as high speeds, accuracy and reliability. These systems can be easily combined into multi-axis systems for various applications. The compact, precision the compact, precision-extruded aluminum profile from 6063 AL with integrated zero-backlash ball rail guide system, allows high load capabilities and optimal cycles for the movement of larger masses at high speeds. These units come at an excellent price to performance ratio and we ensure quick lead times.

The Ballscrew in these units comes standard with a tolerance class IS07 (IS05 on request), with a ball nut that reduces backlash. Additionally, a corrosion-resistant protection strip can be applied to further protect all the parts in the profile from dust and other contaminants. The aluminum profile includes T-slots for fixing the linear unit and attaching sensors/switches. Reed switches are additionally available. The central lubrication ports allow for easy re-lubrication of the Ballscrew and rail guide. Finally, motors and gearboxes can be mounted on this units.

Additional Add-ons:

  • Fixing System
  • Centering Rings
  • Magnetic Field Sensors
  • Mechanical/Inductive Switches
  • Motor Adapter w/ Coupling
  • Couplings
  • Synchronization Shafts
  • X-Y Connection Elements
  • Multi-Axis Systems