Accu Tech USA PMI MSB Series Linear Guides and Rail

PMI’s Full Ball, Compact Type – MSB Series is engineered with a low friction coefficient enabling smooth motion under strenuous loads. The frictional resistance of a linear guide is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in a slide guide. All linear bearings come with an easily accessible grease nipple for quick re-lubrication thus maintaining low frictional resistance while improving accuracy. These anti-friction bearings allow for high repeatability and positioning to sub-micron accuracies. With low frictional resistance and optimum design, our linear guides are designed to with stand loading in all four directions (i.e. tension, compression and side to side). These linear guides are also easy to install and come in interchangeable options to suit any application requirements.


  • Compact, High Load
  • Self Alignment Capability
  • Smooth Movement
  • Low Noise
  • Interchangeability