Control Techniques Mentor MP DC Drives

Mentor MP brings DC drive technology up to date, enabling existing and new DC motors to provide economic and productive service. DC drive technology remains cost effective, efficient and is relatively simple to implement. For new applications DC drive provides many advantages, especially for regenerative and high power applications.

Greater motor field control

  • Built in field controller as standard
  • Gives excellent field control for the majority of DC motors
  • Reduces the need for external components

Enhanced field control with FXMP25

  • The FXMP25 may be controlled digitally by using a standard RJ45 connection, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters
  • The FXMP25 can also function in standalone mode using its integrated keypad and display

Enhanced system design

  • The heatsink cooling fans are intelligently controlled and only run when required, thus increasing reliability and reducing maintenance
  • Eighteen different option modules allow customisation of the drive, including fieldbus, Ethernet, I/O, extra feedback devices and motion controllers
  • The drive system designer is able to embed automation and motion control within the drive, eliminating communications delays that reduce performance