More Reach – Slimline Design – Epson C4L Long Reach 6-Axis Robots

  • Slimline design for maximum flexibility
  • Best in Class Motion Range
  • Fast Cycle Times
  • ISO 3 Clean & ESD Compliant Models

The Epson C4L 6-axis robot is the Long Reach model within the new C4-Series product lineup. As the next logical step to our popular C3 robots, the Epson C4-Series was introduced with the new C4L model to allow for applications which require more reach while maintaining a slim design. The Epson C4L provides a slimLine design for maximum flexibility along with long reach and a 4Kg payload. The C4L includes the same unique compact wrist pitch design as with the C4 to allow easier access into tight work areas. With outstanding flexibility, Epson C4 & C4L robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. The new Epson C4L improves on the C4 by allowing similar payloads at 4Kg while providing 900mm of reach along with fast speeds and cycle times.

The Epson C4L cycle times are 0.47 seconds. High speed with a slimline design and good payload capability all contribute to the C4L’s outstanding overall performance. Normally arms with more reach require a much larger arm design. The C4L weighs in at just 29Kg which puts it in a class all by itself. It’s the lightweight workhorse for longer reach applications which require tremendous flexibility allowing the Epson C4L to do applications that other arms in the same reach class can’t.

Automation Applications

  • Assembly
  • Pick & Place
  • Part Transfer & Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Kitting/Tray Loading
  • Machine Tending
  • Screw Driving
  • Dispensing
  • Palletizing
  • Lab Analysis and Testing
  • Inspection and Test
  • Material Removal/Surface Finishing
  • Grinding