Glide-Line Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling

The Glide-Line catalogue is ever expanding. Feel free to check out some of the options below, but know that we are willing to create a solution that solves your exact problem or need. In fact, that is how many of the products you will see on our site originated – out of necessity to solve our customer’s problems.

DART Drop and Rotate Transfer Unit (left) is a revolutionary innovation for pallet and work piece handling designed to simplify layouts and reduce cost.This specialized hub has been specifically design to maximize layouts and save complexity and cost.

The DART system is a powered conveyor that can rotate from 1 degree to 360 degrees to accomplish almost any angle transfer in a system, including conventional right angle transfers. The pallet can either rotate with it (changing orientation) or stay static (maintaining orientation). With this new design in your overall layout design toolbox, Glide-Line’s DART will allow for endless opportunities and maximize assembly workspace.