Murrplastik Cable Entry Systems

The cable entry system is designed for inserting cables and electrical conduits through divider walls, junction boxes, control cabinets easily. Install cables and wire quickly while saving space.

Cable entry systems for pre-assembled cables

The cable entry panel system is a split system that solves problems like introducing pre-assembled cables into enclosures, for example. Larger plugs can also be introduced into enclosures without difficulty. Various systems are available. All systems are designed to work with 16 or 24-pole connectors for the standard cut-out size for Harting and Wieland.

Cable entry systems for cables without connectors

The cable entry plate system represents a real alternative to cable fittings. Cables can be installed in seconds flat using this system. That represents enormous savings potential, both during panel installation and insertion and feed-through of the cable. Versions are available in plastic, aluminum or stainless steel.