Standard Miether Solid Steel Pillow Blocks MMW Series

Standard Miether’s base mounted solid steel pillow blocks provide maximum protection against impact loads and minimize radial loading problems experienced with conventional split housings. Our MMW solid pillow blocks consist of a single piece, solid steel body equipped with cast iron end caps and a reinforced center rib, making it capable of withstanding severe shock loads.

Quick Highlights:

  • 2-7/16″ through 20″ shaft sizes, with metric sizes available upon request
  • Design minimizes radial loading problems
  • Reinforced center rib helps withstand severe shock loads
  • Removable end plates for easy installation and adjustment
  • Multiple ports for lubrication
  • Compact size accommodates reduced footprint dimensions
  • Cast steel center housing and cast iron end caps


  • All solid pillow block housing sizes can be modified to meet customer application needs
  • Seal configurations include a standard labyrinth or lip seal, as well as Standard Miether’s patent-pending Protector® seal
  • Available in cylindrical or adapter mounting
  • Solid pillow blocks can be purchased separately or with spherical roller bearings as complete assemblies